Branding starts with a strategy: a long-term plan for development of your brand. This usually includes a positioning for your brand and, if you have multiple offerings, a brand architecture system. We have the knowledge and experience to consult on both of these as well as other brand issues.

Brand Positioning…describes how a brand is different from its competitors and where, or how, it sits in customers’ minds.

Brand Architecture…describes how a company’s brands work together to optimise internal efficiencies and make it easy for customers to understand and navigate your offer.

Our process is interactive, engaging, consumer driven and rigorous: we use a combination of techniques to gather the inputs we need and conduct detailed analysis to ensure your branding efforts are both compelling and true.


When building a brand it’s critical to present a memorable, relevant and cohesive logo
and visual identity to your customers and that’s something we excel at.

We know that creativity alone isn’t enough so our design work is based on an understanding of your brand and your objectives, either following from our work on your strategy or by familiarising ourselves with your existing brand strategy.

We often then move onto an audit. This is particularly useful when updating an existing brand as it helps to evaluate whether any of the current brand identity elements are core to the brand. The audit also reviews competitor brand to look for opportunities and may be combined with mood boards, to explore visual directions, then the logo and wider brand identity system.

Finally, we prepare clear brand guidelines to ensure all future design work is consistent and helps to build your brand.


Once we have a clear idea of your positioning and have identity we can then apply that to your printed and online communications. This stage includes generating concepts then applying the final concept across the layout, website, and so on.

Consistency is one of our principles, so we ensure that all communications are aligned visually and in terms of message. We also have expert production management skills in house, to check all print files are optimised, to global standards.