Why we believe in process

Following a clear process in a project brings benefits for both parties, and this is as true in our line of work as for anything else. Fundamentally, process is about organisation, and it results in efficiencies that help us meet deadlines, minimise wasted resources, build transparent and positive relationships and ultimately create client satisfaction. Who doesn’t want that?

In any project, at Crunchy Frog we clearly specify steps, responsibilities and timings from the start. In that way, all parties understand their responsibilities and deadlines. There is clarity and unity.

One of the most important parts of our process is client approvals. By ensuring all stakeholders approve work at critical points, we streamline the process and avoid having to revise work that was previously approved. Revisions can cause delays and create additional work and stress for both parties, and so it’s in everyone’s interests to avoid that happening.

Supply of copy and photos is another task that can often lead to timelines slipping and unnecessary use of resources on both sides. We understand that it can be challenging for clients to gather and supply content, so we provide a clear brief on requirements and agree the timelines in advance. For large projects – such as the HaGiang website – we set up a spreadsheet and a timeline for design and coding of each section as well as supply of content, breaking it into manageable chunks.

As a point worthy of note, the Discover Ha Giang website was launched on time, despite heavy content and tight deadlines.

We know that some find our processes strict and inflexible and that it’s not the usual way of doing business, but in practice, those clients who appreciate and follow the steps leave the project happier. And so do we!