Discover Ha Giang

About Ha Giang

Ha Giang district, in the northwest of the country, has some of the most stunning scenery in Vietnam. Coupled with its cultural heritage and the opportunities for adventure, it is a desirable destination for locals and foreign visitors. However, it has not well represented online, with a sub-standard website and limited information available via other sources.

Crunchy Frog’s work

Based on a content plan and simple design concept provided by the client, we applied an improved and web-friendly design to key pages and built a new site from scratch. The project had tight timelines but a big scope: two languages, hundreds of photos, 34 detailed pages and multiple links to internal and external sources. This required constant project management and the involvement of the whole Crunchy Frog team, but timelines were met and the clients are very satisfied with the new site Discover Ha Giang.